This document contains the contract conditions applied to business transactions on our web www.themintcompany.com (from now on, the ‘Website’), ownership of COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L., Company of Spanish nationality, located in 12, Puntarenas Street, 35109- San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Las Palmas County (Canary Islands- Spain), C.I.F. B-35.412.642, registered on the Las Palmas Business Register in Volume 1.237, Page 133, Sheet GC-13.695, 1st entry.

The conclusion of the contract process through the Website is determined by the acceptance of these Contract Conditions, Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy of COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. published on the Website. (From now on, identified as the ‘Terms & Conditions’)

Terms & Conditions are the basis of the relationship established between the Consumer User (from now on, the “Client”) and COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. to contract services and items offered on the Website. We politely request you read this document carefully, as it establishes both the rights and obligations concerning the Clients and COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. It is assumed that through access to the Website, visualization, usage or contract of it, the Client allows to be ruled by the Terms & Conditions.

The Contract could be regularized in any of the languages of your choice available on the Website for the Terms & Conditions.


2.1 Registration

In order to obtain the services offered on www.themintcompany.com it is not necessary to register. The purchase could be made as guest through the option ‘Quick Purchase’. Nevertheless, the personal data provided, both in the registration and guest operations, will be treated as established on the Privacy Policy.

2.2 Delivery

The items offered on the Website are available for delivery to every area in the Canary Islands autonomous region.

In addition, we offer the possibility to collect orders in any of our points of sale.


The orders made by the Client depend on their availability, either by virtue of the stock available in COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS S.L. or by stock decommission. In this respect, it is properly indicated for each item whenever it gets out of stock and it will be updated as soon as technically and logistically possible,

COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. reserves the right to remove any article the Company may consider and to cancel or reject the order procedure if certain conditions concerning illicit acts in the Legal Notice are met, despite confirmation of order and at the sole discretion of COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L.

Under no circumstances COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS S.L. will be held responsible towards the Client or third parties for the cancellation or refusal to process an order.


Acquisition of items for resale is expressly prohibited. For that matter, purchases over 10.000 € or the equivalent currency amount are not allowed, as neither are orders over 100 items.

Clients who are interested in purchasing over the previously mentioned amounts with other purpose than resale, are able to contact Customer Service on the phone number (+34) 928 140 998, where they will receive information concerning the different options available regarding this matter.


The Client must select the wished items and add them to ‘My Bag’, by clicking the respective icon.

In order to start the order delivery process, the Client must click the button ‘Add and Purchase’ after adding the last item. Then, a summary of his/her shopping bag will appear, including the following information:

- Description of the selected items

- Referral code of the items

- Unit Price (Taxes included)

- Wished amount of every item, allowing view modification.

Once the order information is collated by the Client, he/she can sign in as ‘Returning Customer’ or continue as gest through the ‘Quick Purchase’. In any case, the personal data provided in the forms will be treated as stated in the Privacy Policy published on the Website.

At this point, the Client has reached the order form, which has to be filled in with, at least, the data marked with an asterisk for being compulsory. If these conditions are not met, COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. will not be able to continue the checkout process.

Once the order form has been filled in, and just before sending, a summary of the order will be available, just as the previously mentioned, with the updated postage and packing as well as a summary of the data provided, allowing the Client to update or modify in case any other data must be provided for billing purposes.

To continue, the Client must accept the Terms of Payment, described in Section 8 of this document.

When the purchase is finally confirmed, the order number will be announced and a summary of the stated order will be sent to the provided email. Thanks to this order number, the Client will be able to track his/her order.


The price of the items offered on the Website will be the stipulated at that moment, except cases of obvious and unmistakable errors. In case COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. detects this error, we will proceed to communicate with the Client, providing the correct price and the possibility of reconfirming the order or proceed to cancellation instead. If we were not able to communicate with you or you would not give a response in 48 hours, we will assume the order is cancelled and we will proceed to provide a full refund through the same method of payment.

Under no circumstances will COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. be obliged to offer an item at an incorrect lower price if the error is glaring and easily recognizable by the Client, not even if the order has been confirmed.

Without prejudice to the faculty of COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. to modify the prices, excluding the previously mentioned errors, current prices will be maintained at the time of order confirmation.


Prices published on the Website are displayed in Euros (€) by default, unable to be displayed on alternative currencies.

Applicable taxes are included in the detailed price.


In order to make a payment, the Client can choose between two different methods, according to the Client’s preferences. They both rely on a safe system which protects data for a greater transaction guarantee.

8.1 Credit/ Debit Card Payment: We accept the following payment cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express. All payments are processed with 3D Secure line which is defined as:

a) When the Client chooses the method of payment, he/she is redirected to the secure site (with data encryption) of our bank, BBVA, where he/she will be asked to provide the number, the expiration date and the CVV2/CVC2 code.

b) Subsequently, the bank will ask for either his/her secret PIN code used in automatic teller machines or a special PIN (password) provided by his/her own bank.

c) Finally, the Client will be redirected to a site where the status of the payment is indicated and, if the operation has been authorized by the bank, he/she will be given an authorization code. The Client can print the page if he/she is keen to. The Client must press the button ‘Close’ to complete the purchasing process. Last but not least, the Client will be redirected to our Website where we will thank him/her for buying from us.

Every credit/debit cardholder is subject to validation and authorization as far as we and the cardholder are concerned, in order to maintain safety and avoid fraud.


9.1 Shipping methods, shipping costs and delivery dates:

All of our orders are delivered through our delivery associate XXX. At the exact time of delivery, a signature is required either on the acknowledgement of receipt or delivery note. If there was no one available to collect the order, the hauler will leave a supporting document indicating how to proceed to make a new appointment.

All of our orders are processed from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00 GMT (with the exception of the bank holidays in Spain and the Autonomous region of Canarias) Merchandise will be sent in a maximum period of 3-5 working days after receiving the payment.

9.2 Collection at point of sale:

We also offer the option of collecting the purchase in our Points of Sale with no extra cost. The order will be available at the chosen Point of Sale after receiving the payment confirmation. You can choose amongst all our shops for the collection,

9.3 Order tracking:

As soon as your order is dispatched from our headquarters, you will receive an email with the tracking number. You can check the status of your order 24 hours after receiving the email through the provided link.

9.4 Responsibility transfer

From moment the order is delivered to the provided address, it will be his/her responsibility, exempting COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. from any damage the items may suffer.

Consequently, returning of the items will not be allowed, according to the Section 10 when the damage takes place after the collection.


10.1 Right of withdrawal

Through this document, COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. informs that, if you have contracted as a consumer, you have the right of withdrawal at any time within 7 working days after the collection of the order, being the direct return expense to be borne by the Customer. This waiver will not be applied on the legally planned cases. (i.e. a customized item)

The exercise of the right of withdrawal could be made through any legally admitted via, duly exercised through the reference of the document in Section 10.3, being the procedure applied to any return, as detailed:

10.2 Return Terms

With no prejudice to the right of withdrawal stated above, if you are not satisfied at the time of collection, there is a period of 15 natural days after the purchase. Being an online purchase, the period will begin from the moment the order is collected. Delivery costs will be borne by the Client, with the exception of defects. In order to demand any return, you can contact our Customer Service via [email protected] or by calling (+34) 928 140 998.

We can only accept returns as long as the order is returned in perfect state, including labels and packaging. Under no circumstances will be accepted any damaged or used item. For example, footwear should be wrapped in their original box. All items should be checked as they return.

The client will be held responsible for the delivery expenses. Returned items are their own responsibility until they arrive at our headquarters. Please, check the package before returning to avoid any damage.

Returns may last some days, depending on the used method of payment. Once it is received, we will check the item in our headquarters and we will proceed to refund the full amount as soon as possible. In order to keep you informed, we will send you an email confirming the refund

10.3 Steps to follow

1º Access your account and, in the ‘My orders’ section, select the order which contains the items you wish to return.

2º Click in ‘Create a Return’ and mention the reason to return the item. In case of defective product, please, do mention the defect.

3º Soon you will receive an email with a RMA number which will be valid during the next 30 natural days. Please, take note of his RMA number in the return form and include it with the package of the returned items.

4º In order to seek reimbursement, please do select the same method of payment. Reimbursement will not include delivery costs and customs offices. If you are willing to demand a discount voucher, it will last for a year.

Whenever the reimbursement is through bank transfer, COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. should be given an account number in order to deposit the equivalent amount. For further enquiries, we can be contacted at Customer Service, via email [email protected]or calling (+34) 928 140 998.

10.4 Replacement or return of defective items


In general terms, COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. do not assume any other responsibility which goes beyond the legally planned regarding the contracting through electronic means.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is announced that COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. has made a big effort to display the colours on the offered items as realistic as possible. Nevertheless, the colours shown on the clothing items may vary depending on the quality of your screen, telephone or device, therefore COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. cannot guarantee the colours are faithfully adjusted to reality.


COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L. reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions on the Website, therefore it is the Client’s responsibility to read them regularly, as only the current at the time of usage will be applicable.


The server of the Website is located in Spain; therefore, the Terms & Conditions are submitted to the Spanish legal order.

In order to resolve controversies arisen from transactions through the Website, they will be submitted to the legal Courts of COMERCIAL MACY’S CANARIAS, S.L., with the exception of those cases where the Law specifies an exclusive jurisdiction.