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With the major brands' catwalks as our guide and urban trends as our showcase, we give you a preview of what will soon be landing in our shops.

A blank canvas, a list of resolutions, "this year I promise to start ..." playing in the background, and a huge crystal ball in our hands, promising to predict what the year 2024 will bring. This, dear readers, is called January. And, of course, at The Mint Company we didn't want to let this first month slip away without first telling you what will be living in your wardrobe for the next 11 months. With the catwalks of the major brands’ catwalks as our guide and urban trends as our showcase, we give you a preview of what will soon be landing in our shops.

For her

The extra short shorts

Designers have raised the bar on length, creating silhouettes that defy conventional styling. This year, the rules of the game are clear: the shorter, the better. We don't know if it's the ballet-core aesthetic or the rise of the cardio workout, but what we do know is the hype that's already starting to build around these shorts. And, you might ask, what's so special about wearing shorts in the warmer months? Well, what is special is the way you combine them. Shorts with blazers, shorts as part of an overall look, or even with heels. The possibilities are endless.

Los extra short shorts

Los diseñadores han elevado el estándar de longitud, y lo han hecho apostando por siluetas que desafían el estilo convencional. Este año las reglas del juego están claras: entre más corto, mejor. No sabemos si está relacionado con la estética balletcore o correlacionado con el auge de los entrenamientos de cardio; lo que sí es seguro, es el hype que ya se empieza a crear alrededor de esta prenda. Y, estarás pensando ¿qué tiene de especial un pantalón corto en los meses más calurosos? El punto especial está en cómo se van a combinar. Shorts con americanas, shorts como parte del total looks, o incluso acompañados por botas altas de tacón. La diversión aquí no tiene límites.

Preppy polo shirts

Feeling like you're in an American college movie or a character from the Harry Potter saga is easier than ever, thanks to the triumphant return of the schoolboy look. The academic aesthetic is at the forefront of fashion shows, merging with surf shorts, ruffled miniskirts or printed overshirts. Get some rimmed glasses, a pair of casual loafers, and your smartest accessories; you’re ready to embrace the casual chic trend!

The metallic effect

Futuristic silver outfits versus baroque-style gold pieces. The sound of sequins, lamé and metallic details hasn't gone unnoticed on recent catwalks, so this year it’s time to say goodbye to quiet luxury. Paris, the city of love and the world's fashion capital, is preparing for the Olympic Games this summer. So, this trend is an expression of celebration, luxury and triumph. And these shades, a direct association with the excellence and victory expected from these Games.

For him

The elegance of the suit

Men's aesthetics will be governed by sober tones and severe structures. Oversized jackets and shorts - tailoring goes back to its true origins - the school uniform. As for the suit, we bid farewell to the touches of colour that have enlivened these pieces in the past, as they will fade into a classic and stately palette of black, grey and brown tones. Men, get ready to leave the extravagance behind to embrace a more refined and restrained fashion.

The white T-shirt

If there is one garment capable of defying time itself while remaining an undisputed icon of contemporary dressing, it is the white T-shirt. An emblem of minimalism and one of the most significant silhouettes in men's fashion. We see it in maxi proportions and innovative cuts. Whether you want to create a simple look or master layering, this is your ace up your sleeve. The latter, the art of layering, can seem difficult to master. However, with a white T-shirt, there's no overshirt, waistcoat or jacket you can't pull off.

Bags are for everyone

Genders are diversifying and more and more brands are opting for a unisex wardrobe. This year, we will see more and more men opting for this accessory, commonly identified in women's wardrobes, to elevate their looks. In this context, the options are endless, from the shoulder bag, shopper, or even the clutch. Put an end to the need of carrying giant pockets, and opt for this accessory. Practical, capable of adding a touch of personality to your outfits, and with endless versatility.