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The year is drawing to a close, and we all know what comes with it - sales! Whether Christmas or pre-new year sales, brands and businesses are beckoning us to buy various coveted items at slashed prices. Is it possible to buy smart during a sale? You bet!

As a fashionista, sale season means new clothes, shoes, bags, sneakers and shawls at discounted prices. We're usually more disciplined when shopping for friends and family or even colleagues. But when it's for ourselves, it's easy to get carried away.

Here at The Mint Company, we want you to get those fashion items you NEED without going broke. So, here’s our secret guide to buying smart during the sale season.


1. Make a priority wishlist.

In the same way you make your grocery shopping list, you should make your sales shopping list too. The keyword here is Planning.

If you don’t make a list of things you need, you’ll get carried away by the avalanche of shiny shoes, beaming bags, and alluring accessories.

You must prioritize the items you need the most in your wardrobe. Start from the most essential to the least. If you have room for more after purchasing those items, sweet! If you don’t, great still - You’d have stocked up on the things you need to level up your fashion game.

2. Create a Budget

Unless your bank account is in billions, you'd be better off with a budget during a sale. Best believe that there will be many attractions. You'll see lots of great deals on clothing items you usually wouldn't notice if they weren't on sale.

Creating a budget is putting a restriction on how much you allow yourself to spend. It provides the much-needed perspective on what’s important and what’s not. Use financial apps to help if you need to, but don’t skip this part.

3. Quality over Quantity

Rather than rack up one type of shirt in multiple colors because they’re cheap, why not get that cashmere sweater? Quality wins the game over quantity any time!

You’ll have good wardrobe items for a long time without needing to change them every five months.

4. Choose Timeless over Trendy Pieces

In fashion, there are classic pieces that never go out of style, and there are trendy ones that are season-bound. When shopping during a sale, it's advisable to go for a timeless fashion item. They're usually pricier than the trendy ones in some cases. But you'll get more wear out of them because next season, you'll be getting other wardrobe essentials rather than repurchasing the same item.

5. Stick to your Shopping List

Finally, while shopping, keep your eyes on the ball. No detours. There’ll be lots of flashy stuff - you may even feel incomplete if you don’t buy them. Don’t fall for it!

Buy everything on your list first, starting with the most important stuff. When you’re done, you can splurge if you still have some money left in your budget.

And that is the savvy shopper's secret guide to buying smart during a sale. Plan, budget, and keep your eyes on the ball! Shop your women's and men's fashion items from The Mint Company at discounted prices. Happy shopping!

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