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We invite you to explore our ultimate gift guide for this February 14th through our little love manual.

While for many, love is far from material and tangible, we should also not forget the joy that comes from receiving small gestures. The most romantic month of the year, also known as Valentine's Day, is just around the corner, so we've decided to prepare this guide, for him and for her, to help you hit the mark. Or rather- in this case - hit the heart.

Classic go-tos like flowers or chocolates are always welcome. However, we must admit that many times these are last-minute escapes because when you woke up this morning and saw that it was February 14th, there was no time to prepare big surprises. Get there early and remember that although the jour de l'amour should be every day, 14 February is just another excuse to blow their minds.


Who doesn't love a good pair of sneakers? The possibilities are so endless that if you know your significant other well, it's practically impossible not to hit the mark. You just need to jog your memory a bit. The key to success lies in giving something they would buy themselves but haven't been able to due to lack of time or laziness. For example, if you've heard "I need new running shoes, these are getting too old" or "Have you seen the latest New Balance launch? I definitely want to snag a pair." Paying attention to these signals is crucial here.

And for those thinking that sneakers are a very unromantic gift, they'll be pleased to know about the new Converse collection dedicated to Valentine's Day. Hearts have taken over the sneakers, making them THE gift. Because as they say, it's time to "declare your love with some Chucks."


Love isn't blind! And these days it keeps its eyes wide open because it becomes the main protagonist. Sunglasses are an original and practical option, loaded with style, and that special touch of luxury. This essential accessory for travelers, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts offers such a wide range of possibilities that we can definitely say there's a pair for every taste and personality.

The best part? It's a gift that transcends trends, ages, and even generations. It's something that every time they wear it, they'll be reminded of you. And usually, they're used for leisure, adventure, or travel moments, so they're closely related to positive moments in life, where you definitely want to be, even if only in their thoughts.


This accessory has been a staple of women's wardrobes for years, but is now also becoming increasingly popular with men. Whether it's because he’s always with full pockets, or carries an enormous backpack for everyday use. Or maybe because she daily raves about how crazy she is about the new Jacquemus collection, or about the classic Marc Jacobs she's been eyeing for years. Whatever the reason, a bag never leaves anyone indifferent.

It's all benefits. Like sneakers, the possibilities of bags in terms of shape, style, and brand are practically endless, so adapting the gift to their taste will be an easy task. And, like with sunglasses, it's a lasting gift, a long-term investment, which ensures that every time they see it, they'll remember that gesture of love and affection.

Lifestyle Accessories

In this section, we'll include all those things we need but, for one reason or another, never get around to buying. For example, Easter is approaching, and we're all focused on buying the latest bikini or swimsuit to make a splash near the sea. However, essentials like towels usually take a back seat, when they're as valuable as a sarong or a pair of sandals. The same goes for umbrellas, and we remind you that there's nothing chicer than matching it with your look.

In recent years, the popularity of socks has been on the rise. Now we not only care about footwear, but by letting them show, we're also adding an extra touch to our outfits. Not to mention... between them wearing out more easily and the washing machine deciding to devour them, we're talking about a complement that's always welcome. Our favorites are undoubtedly those from Ami, and their heart logo couldn't be more fitting for the occasion.


Personified practicality. House keys, car keys, office keys... a keychain is always present in our daily lives, and two or three of them, too. This accessory also symbolizes connection, as it's something that always goes with you everywhere, and in this case, will always remind you of the person who gave it to you.

We know what you're thinking, isn't there a less original gift? There's nothing more typical than a heart-shaped keychain, or maybe there is, a keychain of half a heart, one for each of you. You'll be surprised to know that there are keychains from the French brand Jacquemus' Le Chiquito, or some origami-effect ones from Stella McCartney, that will leave you amazed. Now even our keys dress stylishly. The fun has no limits!

To sum up, Valentine's Day is for small details, what we translate into a "complement or accessory." We hope this love manual helps you surprise your special someone, or even yourself. Who said February 14th is only about celebrating love as a couple? You can use this day to give a gift to your mother, a brother, or a friend. But remember, self-love is as or more important than any other love, so it's also a perfect day to indulge yourself, and give yourself a little love, which never hurts. 

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