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Festival Fever: Trends to Shine this Summer

Discover the hottest style tricks to stand out at summer festivals and become the star of every concert.

Summer evokes images of coastal getaways, endless days at the beach, enjoying a cold drink on a terrace, and great outdoor adventures. But if there's one thing we all eagerly anticipate, it's filling our musical agenda with concerts and festivals that light up the summer season. Listening to your favourite artists while enjoying a good time with friends is the perfect combination and the ideal atmosphere to completely disconnect from the daily routine.

And what better excuse to show off your boldest and most fun style than festivals? Not only are they a feast for the ears, but also a catwalk where creativity in fashion overflows. From bohemian and colourful outfits to sophisticated and glamorous looks, each festival is an opportunity to experiment and express your personality through clothing.

To prepare and shine at your next musical event, we'll guide you through the hottest trends for 2024, along with style tricks to keep you cool and fabulous under the sun. It's time to have fun and dare to step out of your comfort zone with garments and patterns that aren't part of your daily choices, but without forgetting the importance of comfort, because here... jumping, singing, and dancing are the priority!


Prints Before diving in, you should know that the type of artists playing at the event will greatly determine your style. For example, at an indie music festival, floral or ethnic prints will be a must, as they fit perfectly with the relaxed, bohemian, and creative atmosphere that this genre exudes. If these are accompanied by embroidery... you'll surely nail it!

With an electric guitar playing in the background and a wild print accompanying the day. Leopard print is undoubtedly a classic of rocker style, associated with glam punk fashion, as it brings that daring touch to clothing, achieving that bold and rebellious vibe in your look. Rock icons like David Bowie or Debbie Harry popularized it in the 70s and 80s.

Finally, if you're into electronic or dance music, geometric prints are your safe bet. If these can also be in neon colours, even better. These motifs reflect the vibrant and energetic atmosphere that is breathed in the genre. Opting for garments with abstract patterns and bright colours will undoubtedly help you stand out on the dance floor.


Accessories Preparing for a festival or concert is an art, and the right accessories are key to achieving the perfect look. First and foremost, chic sunglasses will not only complement your outfit but also act as a practical necessity to protect your eyes. In the case of a daytime festival, from the glare of the sun, and in the case of a nighttime one, they will add a touch of mystery to your style. Striking frames or even those with lots of colour will make you stand out from the crowd and add that touch of originality you were looking for to your ensemble. Remember, at a festival, more is more!

Similarly, hats and caps can be more than just accessories; they can reflect your style and the atmosphere of a concert. We return to the importance of musical genre. For an indie or country music concert, where the bohemian and alternative vibe dominates, opting for a wide-brimmed fedora hat or a casual wool cap will be a winning solution. At a rock or punk concert, where rebellious attitude and energy are palpable, a short-brimmed hat or a vintage baseball cap could be suitable options. On the other hand, at an electronic music concert, where the atmosphere is more futuristic and avant-garde, a visor cap or a snapback hat with flashy prints could be appropriate choices.

In addition, fanny packs and crossbody bags are like the perfect ally you always want to have with you in those moments of pure fun. Beyond their obvious utility in keeping your hands free and your belongings safe, these accessories are like the magical touch that transforms your basic look into something worthy of admiration. Because, let's admit it, who said fashion and functionality can't go hand in hand at the most unforgettable festival of your life?

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