Off-White, the coolness of streetwear

Sneakers, of course, a safe bet when they are the undisputed star of that neat aesthetic with a predilection for comfort.It is also undeniable that one of the best-known characteristics of the firm are the labels that should not be torn off before use, in neon colors such as orange, which are immediately recognizable on the brand's accessories. As for clothing, it is one more demonstration that we live in the reign of street style. Loose sweatshirts, shirts and pants, dresses in unexpected colors and cut-outs. Make no mistake about the reminiscence of urban culture, Off-White fashion does not go unnoticed and is, without a doubt, the flagship of cool today

In the days where the reigning style of the fashion world is the relaxed and sporty streetstyle, there is no doubt that Off-White has become the king. The Milan-born epitome of American cool has made the name of Virgil Abloh, its founder, the benchmark for luxury streetwear. Abloh created Off-White in 2013 and initially declared that it would be “an artistic project that was expressed through the garments”. The logo of the crossed arrows and the terms in quotation marks can be seen in the wardrobe of any musician, model, or popular character who serves as an example of a creator of fashion trends quickly imitated by the general public. A reciprocal relationship, as Off-White's streetwear style mixed with luxury is clearly inspired by skateboarding and hip-hop music. Nothing easier to acquire that style of a person who knows what to wear, but who apparently does not give many turns to their looks, than adding an Off-White garment to the ensemble.