Casablanca is the new freshness of menswear

Who is scared of the personality the prints can bring to fabrics? Definitely not the young Parisian brand Casablanca. The label is the result of the union of French and Moroccan styles, since its founder and designer Charaf Tajer takes his own origins as inspiration. Starting, for example, with the name of Casablanca, the place where his parents met, or the sporting aesthetic taken from the Roland-Garros tennis tournament held in Paris, his city. As these two locations lead one to imagine, the Casablanca garments are marked by prints in vibrant colors and pastels, on fabrics with fluid movement such as silk. The silhouettes that appear in the catalog follow this coherence of artistic expression and comfort. When comfy meets elegance, the result is the leisurewear that describes the brand, sometimes towards a slightly more athleisure approach, others more towards enjoying the evening hours. Logomania also has a place in the aesthetic of Casablanca, printed on a simple basic t-shirt -the “must have” white one for any occasion that pairs with jeans effortless-. But it modernizes the meaning of apparent opulence that comes with displaying the logo and name of the brand by accompanying them with illustrations that evoke a vacation in the Mediterranean (be it France, be it northern Morocco)

and it becomes almost a travel souvenir to these eternal scenarios.It’s the use and combination of a wide color range palette what manages to keep the spirit of the garments youthful and accessible for everyday. In case there was still any doubt about the freshness and creativity of the Parisian designer, Charaf Tajer has the guarantee of one of the most important awards for emerging fashion creators: Casablanca was one of the finalist of the 2020 LVMH Prize..