adidas Originals by Parley - Today s Icons, Made for Tomorrow

adidas continues their commitment to sustainability with the release of the adidas Originals by Parley collection, where the brand of the three stripes reinvents different silhouettes by using Parley Ocean Plastic.

In 2021 adidas and Parley teamed up to take on a mission for our oceans and face the impact that plastic waste has over our marine ecosystem. Collaborating in various initiatives through sports like #runfortheoceans where adidas and Parley for the Oceans committed to pick up the equivalent weight of 1 plastic bottle for every 10 minutes of running.

The commitment does not end there, adidas shows us in the next video how they take care of the oceans thanks to an initiative globally driven to encourage plastic recycling picked up in our coasts and transformed into high performance designs.

You don't have to sacrifice style to be more sustainable. Each silhouette in this collection is already iconic, now they have been remade in part with Parley Ocean Plastic to ensure we are moving towards a better tomorrow. With the adidas Originals by Parley collection, every step makes a difference.

You can check the adidas by Parley collection and more here.