A Promising Bag That every woman needs In Her Collection

It's about time we replace the "worthy for a causal ensemble only" image out of our heads and give tote bags their much-deserving spot in our bags collection. Undoubtedly, Tote Bags should be in every closet. They are your ticket to a fashionista-approved wardrobe with the potential to serve you for decades. If you haven't seen what a tote bag can do to your look while simultaneously shiting smoothly from occasions to mood then stick around to enlighten your fashion senses.

Laid back is the new vibe

Laid-back style has been making rounds in the fashion industry and still has a strong hold on the fashion choices we are supposed to make in the upcoming seasons.

It's a tote well known for its cool shape and minimal style.

Relaxed & Slouchy is the mood

The key to a million-dollar look is always effortless (didn't even try to look stunning)


This everyday suede tote is your emergency dial, why? Well, you can carry a world in it, thanks to the effortless slouchy silhouette.


Spacious and perfectly chic, soon you'll be travelling with an extra pair of everything in this slouchy Stella mccartney tote.

Business Casual

When you'll step out in a structured tote, they'd know you mean business. Nothing gives a strong businesswoman vibe than a well-structured tote in a unique silhouette.

Truly Artistic

When it comes to making a style statement, nothing can stand in competition with artistic expression and we mainly love it on our bags. Here are some creatively imaginative styles, handpicked to let you step up your game.

Our eyes are all set on these brilliantly crafted totes with an inventive art print.

This old-school version of an art print is here to stay.

We love the brilliant merger of PVC and paisley print

A head-turning Rafia

Designers are competing tooth and nail to give millennials their next Raffia tote bag. With that being said, a chic Rafia knit tote should be on your radar for a versatile wardrobe and high on trend.

This pretty in coral Rafia Tote has us daydreaming of beaches and vacations